Anthelios Sunscreens W Gel SPF 30 Ideal For Sports

Anthelios sunscreens (including new Anthelios W Gel SPF 30) offer unparalleled UVA and UVB photostable protection against the sun’s rays. While these characteristics are important for protecting against concerns that some will call vain - loss of skin firmness, age spots and wrinkles - a broad spectrum sunscreen also can save your health.

Dermatologists have long recognized the importance of well formulated sunscreens in the fight against developing skin cancer. And with this sometimes fatal condition on the rise worldwide, using a sunscreen daily year round, will not only help to save your looks but also decrease the likelihood of developing skin cancer.

The Anthelios brand has always been viewed as one of the most effective sunscreen brands because it relies on La Roche Posay’s patented sun filtering agents Mexoryl SX and Mexoryl XL. Together with stabilized avobenzone and titanium dioxide, the combination of sun filters delivers broad spectrum UVA and UVB blocking ability over time. As important as the efficacy of Anthelios sunscreens, is the fact that there are a range of formulations to suit most skin types and activities.

Anthelios W SPF 30 Benefits

Anthelios W SPF 30 Gel is a new sunscreen formulation that has replaced the recently discontinued Anthelios W SPF 40 Gel. With a similar texture and protection from both Mexoryl molecules, Anthelios W SPF 30 will deliver highly water resistant protection in a pleasant formulation that isn’t greasy or sticky. The W 30 gel is the most water resistant of all the Anthelios sunscreens, which is why athletes favor its use during strenous activity. Free or fragrance and other unncessary ingredients, the gel can be used for all your favorite sports.

Unlike many other chemical sunscreens Anthelios W SPF 30 Gel is free of parabens. Parabens are preservatives used in food and cosmetics that have been inconclusively linked to breast cancer because they can mimic the hormone estrogen (which is linked to breast cancer). Keep in mind that several agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) maintain that at levels used in cosmetics today that there is no reason for customers to be concerned. However, this new formulation does give an option to individuals who are concerned about paraben use.

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