Due to heavy health campaigns that stress the importance of using sunscreen when outdoors, most people take the time to put on protection before they enjoy their day in the sun.  However some people fail to protect sensitive parts of their body such as their ears and lips from the sun.  These are just as likely to burn, as well as develop cancer with increased exposure.  If you’re planning to spend the day skiing or boarding the slopes during the winter, or water skiing on a lake during the summer, it’s important that you select the appropriate sunscreen for all parts of your body, including the the best SPF lip balm for sports.

Lips are particularly at risk for getting sunburns and developing lip cancer.  In fact each year over 3,500 new cases of lip cancer are diagnosed, and many of these are a result of too much exposure to the sun with too little protection.  However by applying the best SPF lip balm for sports use, you can protect your lips.

It is important that when selecting the best SPF lip balm for sports use, that you choose a sunscreen that protects against both UVA and UVB rays.  Most sunscreens currently available on the market only protect against UVB rays, so you’re really only protecting your face, lips and ears from getting a sunburn.  You’re failing to protect against UVA rays that can lead to skin cancer and premature aging down the road. The Anthelios sunscreen line provides protection from both UVA and UVB rays, which is why many people choose it to protect their face, lips and ears. 

Another benefit of using an Anthelios sunscreen product to protect your face and lips is the fact that it stays on your skin for a long period of time.  Anthelios products are photostable, which mean they don’t degrade or breakdown when exposed to the sun.  Unlike other sunscreens that must be reapplied every hour or two, you can put Anthelios sunscreen on and enjoy several hours in the sun before needing to reapply.  In addition, several of the Anthelios sunscreens are sweat and water resistant.  This is a major benefit for individuals that enjoy sports and activities in the water or the hot sun. 

So what is the best SPF lip balm for sports? Anthelios makes two products that are perfect. Antherpos SPF 50 with Mexoryl SX is a cream formulation that comes packaged in a tube and can easily be applied to ears, nose and lips.  And, there is a convenient SPF 50+ Anthelios lip stick (with Mexoryl XL), which can be easily tucked away in your pocket. The high SPF of either product will ensure that you are indeed choosing the best SPF lip balm for use in any sport that you elect to participate in.

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